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Award-winning composer Mike Payne’s background is as a guitarist in indie-rock bands, including acclaimed cult pop combo Third Light, and progressive-ska troupe Danny Fontaine & The Horns of Fury. 


Born in Dorset, Mike was first musically inspired by his folk band parents.  He apprenticed under The Royal College Of Music’s Irving Martin, producer to Barbara Streisand and Andy Williams. As he developed into producing and engineering, his own composing and recording oeuvre has expanded - Payne’s versatility is second to none.


His tracks have led major TV campaigns for Thierry Mugler’s Womanity perfume, Flora Pro.Activ and Sekonda. Scores for BBC One’s ‘On Stage’ and National Geographic’s ‘Megafactories’ have followed, including tracks featured in documentaries ‘A History Of Art in Three Colours: White’ and ‘The 70’s’. Mike's score for the independent short 'COMMUNE' also won 'Best Music' at Film Merveilleux & Imaginaire's, Paris.

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Elegance (Sekonda)
Bringing Value Home (Robert Dyas)
Barclays Premiere League (Barclays/BBC Worldwide)
Accurist (Accurist)
Chester Zoo (Chester Zoo / CITV)
I Am Travel (WTTC)Iglo (Iglo Foods)
Iglo Brasserie (Iglo Foods)


On Stage: Soho (BBC)
Megafactories: Aston Martin (National Geographic)
A History of Art in Three Colours: White (BBC)
The 70’s (BBC)
DB10: Built For Bond (Aston Martin)
Inside Out: Taxi Hit Squad (BBC)



‘The Wolf - The Expert’ (Hewlett Packard)
Rodeo Steak - Ranch Quality (Rodeo Steak House)
The Future of Auctioneering (Bonhams Auction House)
The Ripple Effect (Hewlett Packard)



Womanly 90210 (Thierry Mugler)
Magnum Minis (Unilever)
Flora Pro-Activ (Unilever)
Insolence Gossip Girl (Guerlain)
Don’t Ask Me Ask Britain (Sekonda) 



ICE 2016 Technopolis (Clarion Events)
ICE 2015 (Clarion Events)
Global Summit Lima, Opening Ceremony 2014 (WTTC)
KLM Transporter (KLM)
Aston Martin: Goldfinger 50th Anniversary (Aston Martin)
Dawn Launch (Rolls Royce)
Vanquish Reveal (Aston Martin)


COMMUNE (Independent)

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